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.net c# windows expenses application

Features of .net c# windows expenses application

The personal and Family Budget application contains five modules.

  1. Budget.
  2. Percent of Total Income.
  3. Percent of Total Income chart
  4. Percent of Total Expenses.
  5. Percent of Total Expense chart.

1. Budget :
The budget is a spreadsheet like format where the user has to fill their family incomes and expenses. The expenses are categorized into different types as
  • Home
  • Autos
  • Living
  • Other Obligations
  • Custom expenses
The user has to fill the desired income and the actual income for every month of the year. Same in the case of Expenses. The user can fill the desired and actual expenses.
As the user goes on filling the desired and actual expenses the application itself will update the total desired and expected expenses of the months and the annual expenses. Simultaneously the application will find the grand total expense and percentage of expense to the income and will give the total that has come out as surplus or deficit for every month.

2&3. Percent of Total Income and Total Income chart:
The percent of total income, monthly and annually, is calculated using the expenses and total income and a chart will be drawn for graphical representations showing the percent of income for each month and the annual percent.

4&5. Percent Of Total expenses and Total Expense Chart:
The percent of total expenses is calculated using the expenses and the grand total expenses monthly and annually. Here too a chart is drawn showing the percent of expense for each month and the annual percent.

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