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Php Property listings Script

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This is a database management real estate advertising site. The touch screens will be connected via ADSL to our server that displays real estate properties advertisements for clients who have paid for that.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the advertisers and the advertisements information bin.


ADMINISTRATOR PANEL for Php Property listings Script:
  1. This is a single admin system i.e none other than admin is allowed to access his panel.
  2. Manage the agents.Can add an agent,edit an agent and delete an agent
  3. Manage the agents.Can add an agent,edit an agent and delete an agent.
  4. Manage terminals. Admin is allowed to restrict the users who are using the system by adding ip addresses. Only the systems whose ip matches the ones added by the admin are allowed to access the site.
  5. Manage look and feel of the agents panel by changing the template and the style sheet.
  6. Can view the agents login history. The time of last access and the number of times the agent logs in are also saved in the database.
  7. Ability to delete the advertisements temporarily ie archiving and retrieving them back from the archive list.
  8. Ability to load the database from an XML file and displaying them in the users' terminal.
  9. Ability to manage the promotional discount codes and the number of persons who can avail the offer. The users while purchasing their products can include these codes to get discount. The promotional discount can be money discount or percentage discount.

Php Property listings Script USER PANEL
  1. Ability to search for properties, add it to their shopping cart and purchase the property. The quantity of the products added to the cart can be edited. Deleting products from the cart is also possible.

Php Property listings Script ADVERTISER PANEL
  1. Can edit his/her profile and also his details that are displayed in the system.
  2. Manage Properties-Can add a property, edit a property and delete a property.
  3. View the orders placed for his properties. If he has any new, unopened orders then those would be indicated by a 'Scrolling Alert' in his panel.

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