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Php Coupon Script | Php Gift Coupon Script

Features of Php Gift Coupon Script


The purpose of the Coupon Cart is to allow Byron's customers to create their own coupons of items currently on sale at Byron's shop. They also have the option of pre-ordering their items at the Express Counter. Administrator will have full access to the administration of the program, and be able to select and modify/add the items which will be featured on the website.

Description of Php Coupon Script

The administrator/staff can add,edit,remove coupon products. Required product informations such as product name,size,image,price etc need to be entered. Nearly 200 of the most frequently discounted items will be listed into the shopping cart.

The products will be listed in the site with price details. Two options will be provided for the customers
  1. Add to cart
  2. Go to cart
The customer can select any product and add that to their cart by pressing "Add to cart". Selected product list can be viewed using "Go to Cart". Customer can verify whether the selected products are listed or not. There will be options to make coupons, to pre-order items and to empty their cart list.

More Features of Php gift Coupon Script

If the customer opts for coupon, the product details with price,size details will be listed with an option to print the coupon. On producing this coupon at the shop, the customer can buy purchased items.

If the customer opts for pre-ordering, the order will be sent by email to administrator. Pre-Ordered items will be pulled in advance and held at the Byron's Express Counter. The customers can change the quantity of products required before submitting the Pre-Order form. Options are placed to order more items if they need more items to be pre-ordered. Customer details such as Name, Email, Phone, Pickup time and date will be collected from the customer in the Pre-Order form.

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