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Php Reward Program Script | Php Reward Points Script

Features of Php referrer Rewards Program Script


Customer's register to receive website templates and receive an opportunity for a free reward. Customers can refer other people but don't get credit for when the people they referred refer other people. The idea is, if 1 person can refer enough people by themselves, they automatically qualify for their free reward right away without waiting.

Description of Php Reward Points Script

User Interface

When customer picks a free reward, their name is put on a list. Each reward has 2 lists,
  • an overall list
  • a new customer list titled 'Path to Riches'.If the customer is not referred their name goes on both lists. If the customer is referred, their name only goes on the overall list. This prevents them from counting for both the referee and the person at the top of the list.

Once the 'Path To Riches' list fills up, the customer at the top of the overall list receives his/her free reward and the 'Path To Riches' list resets itself by clearing itself out. New customers sign up and are added to the bottom of the overall list and to the 'Path To Riches' list. If the customer is referred, they move the referrer up one step on the overall list. Because the customer was referred they will not be shown up on the 'Path To Riches' list but only at the bottom of the overall list they choose the reward for.

If the referred customer picks a different reward than the referrer, the referrer still moves up one reward only. For example,
Example 1: 1st person buys square and triangle. 2nd person gets referred by 1st and buys a triangle. Result: 1st person moves up once in the triangle matrix
Example 2: 1st person buys square and triangle. 2nd person gets referred by 1st and buys a circle. Result: 1st person moves up once in the square matrix because he/she purchased from the square matrix first.

If the referred person picks a different reward their name only shows up in the overall list of that specific reward and not the 'Path To Riches' list because they were referred. If the referrer is in multiple lists, the credit is defaulted to the list that they were in first determined by transaction history.

Admin Interface

In the 'Manage Client Matrix' section of the admin interface, the rewards being purchased by the customer will be listed. Previously, there were two columns with informations of 'referred by' and 'referred' which is already displayed in the "Manage clients". But now we have replaced it with the purchase informations of the customer which gave solution to lot of pending transaction for the same person and not knowing what is actually being purchased.

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