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Customization of Asp helm control panel | Asp developers

About the Project : This asp script is used for designing and hosting Websites. This project aims at enhancing the services of the Total Site Builder. Advanced integration with the HELM control panel was done.

Features of this Asp Helm Customization

Description :
The following enhancements are done to the Total Site Builder.
  1. The Hosting of websites are categorized in to four types of plans namely
  • Starter
  • Golden
  • Platinum
  • E-Commerce
based on which the web hosting charges are categorized.

Customization of classic asp control panel
  1. The validation of the Url the user wishes to have for his/her site i.e., checking whether the Url is an existing one or non-existing using the services of the HELM.
  2. The Terms and Conditions for Total Site Builder has been included.
  3. Whenever an user signs up with the Total Site Builder Welcome Email would be sent to the user with the details of the website created for him/her.
  4. The design of Database for the Total Site Builder using MS-Access.

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