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Project Info C# real estate script

About the Project : Asp dot net realty is a free, Asp dot net source Listing Manager. The main idea behind this project is on line Advertising where the Agents can advertise their products for sale. At the user side they are given the facility to search for products according to their requirements.

Features of C# real estate script

Description :
Asp dot net Realty contains two main modules, namely,
  1. Agent panel
  2. User End

.net real estate script

Agent Panel :
  1. The agents who wish to add their products have to first sign up with the website. A single agent can advertise any number of products.
  2. The following are the details which the agents have to provide about their products.
    • Product Name
    • Description (A brief description about their product)
    • Product cost (In Dollars)
    • Additional Information (if any )
    • Image of the product (If available)
  3. Once the agent provides these information their products will be added to the list of other products for advertising.
  4. The agents are also given the facility to edit the details of the products according to their wish.

More features of real estate script

User End:

At the User End one can search for products according to their requirements. The following are the facilities provided to the user based on which they can filter out products.
  1. Search based on the Agent name.
  2. Based on the range of cost of products
  3. Name of the Products
  4. Providing the product description
  5. and so on. This project was completed by our classic asp developers

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