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.net OSCommerce windows order notifier

About the Project : OSCommerce an on line Shopping cart system. This project creates a client side c sharp c# application which will inform about new orders that are placed in the website.

Features of OSCommerce windows order notifier

Description :
The Oscommerce client side application comes in two versions.
  • OSCommerce Client version 1 and
  • OSCommerce Client version 2

  1. OSCommerce Client ver 1:
    This application will make a request to the OSCommerce URL, get the new order details and will list them according to the date of placement of the orders. The user can also request for orders that are being placed after a particular date.

    Notifications of latest oscommerce orders

  2. OSCommerce Client ver 2 :
    It is the enhanced version of OSCClient ver 1. Once this application is started it will look for any new orders being placed at the Url. Once an order is placed the application will automatically alert the user of the order with a Pop up message. Here the client need not send a request each time as in the earlier version.

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