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Classic Asp forum snitz customization | Asp developers

About Project : Snitz is a community forum for posting messages. Here one can share their views and ideas or put forward some queries and get others suggestions or replies on it. It is a free and easy to install software available at . This project aims in enhancing the Snitz Forums with custom modifications and changes to the snitz asp script.

Asp forum snitz customization

Description : The main idea behind this project is categorizing the users based on the permissions given to them and also sending messages to others users personally rather than posting them in the forum.
  1. The forum is categorized into two groups as public and private. The users are also categorized as public and private users. Only the Administrator has the permission to categorize the users. The private users can have control over both the public and private forums whereas the public users can have control over the forums posted under the public groups only.
  2. The other aspect of this project is, as said before, sending messages to others users of the forum personally. An user can send message to one or more users just similar to sending emails. Attachments can also be sent along with the message. A maximum of four attachments can be sent at a time to multiple users.
  3. The main features are:-
    • There is an inbox to receive the messages.
    • A Sent items folder which will contain all the messages that are sent by the user.
    • A composer asp screen for composing new message and adding attachments.
    • A trash folder to contain deleted messages.
    • The privilege to create folders for saving important messages.

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