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Php opt in script

Features of Php opt in script
  1. Users can subscribe for a newsletter and can place their own which would be shown to other users as a pop up menu using javascripts and php
  2. The statistics is calculated and points credited to the referrer and the down line.
  3. Other than that , this has general edit / add personal details page.
  4. Admin panel was set where one can add and delete categories.
  5. When the user shows the exit pop up, he gets his newsletter subscription box shown 4 times for an amazing 4:1 ratio and the script keeps track of it using efficient mysql database system combined with php
  6. For example Let's say that the user refers php user1, and he shows his pop up. php user1 will get his newsletter ad shown 4 times, and the user will get his/her ad shown 2 times.
  7. php user1 refers mysql user1 and When mysql user1 shows his exit pop up, he gets 4 ads shown, php user1 gets 2 ads shown, and the main user gets 1 ad shown.
  8. similarily mysql user1 refers perl user1 . When perl user1 shows her exit pop up, she gets 4, mysql user1 gets 2, php user1 gets 1, and the main user gets 1 as well!
freelance Subscribers opt in, Javascripts , Php , Mysql , SSL , https were used to accomplish this project for the client in USA.

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