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Php restaurant search script

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One of the main purpose of this site is to avail special offers for dining and golf. The visitors can also view events which occurs in different restaurants and golf courses. Festiva contains information of newest, hottest restaurants, clubs and golf courses. Customer don't have to wait in lines at the restaurant/golf. Instead they can just search their favorite restaurants and golf courses using this site. On line golf booking is also one of the features of this site.


Search Restaurants option will be provided in the left side of the site. On selecting,customers can search for restaurants based on region, cuisine, name, zip, and distance. Information regarding fast food centers is also provided.

Search Golf courses also involves the same process. Visitors can search golf courses using region, name, zip, and distance.

A calendar will be placed on the right side of the site. On selecting any date will list events taking place in restaurants and golf courses in that date.

Automatic logout scheme is placed for security purpose. After login, if a user does not access the site for more than 10 minutes then he will be automatically logged out from the site. More than one instants of the user are not allowed to log in.

The members have facility for On line Golf booking. The member need to enter details such as number of players, golf course, date, time. The form will be sent to the administrator. The administrator can accept or deny members request. Only members have access to book on line.

The administrator can add,edit and delete advertisements. Required informations such as advertisement caption, image, image curl needed to be added. These details can be edited and deleted by the administrator. The administrator can also search the advertisements based on the above options. The search results will display informations like caption, image, image url which can be viewable even if the administrator logs out and goes back to view search results

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