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Php home contractors exchange script

Features of Php home contractors matching exchange script

This is a database management Application for home owners and home improvement contractors. This offers a simple and convenient way to solve the home needs by linking the consumers and the contractors on line.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the consumers and customers information. The payment gateways used in this site are paypal and


  1. Manage Categories: Admin has the ability to add, edit and delete any number and any level of categories.
  2. The quotation form that has to be filled in by the consumers are dynamically generated in the admin panel for each category.
  3. Home contractors Maintenance: Admin can edit and delete the home contractors details.
  4. Admin has the ability to set the email messages that are sent to consumers and contractors.
  5. Article Management: Admin can add, edit and delete the articles that are displayed in the users site.
  6. Leads Management: Admin has the ability to view the number of leads sent to the contractors in a particular period of time. The time period can be configured in the admin panel.
  7. Purchased Details Maintenance: Admin can view the details of the leads and the details of the contractors who have purchased the leads.
  8. Checklists Maintenance: Admin can add, edit and delete the checklist that are displayed in the user panel.
  1. Ability to register themselves as contractors under some category by paying some charge. This charge is fixed by the admin in his panel. He can pay either using paypal or
  2. The contractors would get the quotation through mail if anybody has filled one for that category.
  3. Then the contractors would get the contract by paying money to the admin. Upto 3 contractors can try to get the contract and the one who has paid the highest amount would get the contract.
  1. Ability to register themselves as consumers for free.
  2. Ability to search for a category and fill in the quotation form of the related category.
  3. Once the consumer fills in the form,the lead would be sent to all the contractors and the one who gets the contract would finish the work for the consumers.

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