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php bitpass integration

Features of php bitpass integration script

This is a database management shopping cart module in php and mysql that sells MP3s and CDs in real time with credit cards.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the products and users information . There are 4 types of users in this site,the artists,the buyers and the masteradmin and category admins.


  1. Ability to manage any number of music categories.
  2. Ability to manage artists.
  3. Ability to approve the artists and the products like CDs and MP3s added by them.There are two kinds of admin,the master admin and the category admins.The category admins will be assigned by the master admin. Category admins have the ability to approve the artists and the products added under their category.
  4. Ability to view the order details based on order status.
  5. Ability to select a set of tracks for polling.The selected tracks will be displayed in the users panel and the users can rate it.

  1. Ability to manage CDs, downloadable MP3s and streaming MP3s.
  2. Ability to edit their account information.Every change by the artist will have to be approved by the administrators.
  1. Ability to search for artists and their products and purchase them online.
  2. Users can rate the tracks that are chosen by the admin for polling.
  3. The payment gateway that we have used in this site is 'BitPass'. Bitpass credits based download system was integrated.

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