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Php barclays epdq integration

Features of Php barclays epdq integration script
  1. Admin can configure unlimited categories and subcategories and sub sub categories and so on ..
  2. The products will be related to a particular category by admin and one product can be related to many categories
  3. For a specific product , price for different quantities can be entered. (i.e)1 dozen price is ?45 , 1 carton price is ?60 A product can be made heavy weight or light weight,shipping charge will be calculated accordingly.
  4. To add product to shopping cart the user has to signup or login.Once he has signed up he can edit his details.
  5. The products can be shipped to different persons in bunches.If a product is to be shipped to a different person then their address and delivery date should be given and once it is created it adds this delivery address and shipping date to old shipping addresses list and also for the next time the user can directly choose shipping address from the old shipping addresses list and add a product to it.
  6. Products will not be delivered on sundays or bank holidays or the next day.
  7. Bank holidays will be set by admin.
  8. For a particular product the shipping charge and their total amount will be displayed in the cart.
  9. The product in the cart can be updated or deleted.
  10. In the cart the shipping address and the date can be changed.
  11. Once checkout button is pressed it shows a confirmation page.
  12. After confirmation it gets the credit card informations and checks for its validity. if it is valid this order will be shipped.all cc processing is done via barclays epdq , php , CURL , ssl module.
  13. Product search is available.
  14. Admin can view all the orders placed.He can ship the order or cancel it.

Php , Mysql , CURL , SSL were used to accomplish this project for a client in London UK.

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