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Php skipjack integration

Features of Php skipjack integration script
  1. Products for each category will be added by admin. Product has retail price and wholesale price.If buyer is not logged in he will be shown retail price. Admin can set retail price or wholesale price for a particular emailid(user) and price will be shown accordingly when he logs in.
  2. There are 2 options to enter products.
    • each and every product can be entered individually in the admin panel
    • set of products can be written in a file, when this file is uploaded and processed products will be automatically added.
  3. The quantities which are entered by admin is maintained in a inventory table. for every purchase this inventory table is updated.
  4. Based on the purchase and country shipping charge is calculated.
  5. In the index page the latest items added are displayed randomly 20 per page.
  6. Online credit card processing is done using skipjack processor
Php , Mysql , CURL , SSL , Php File uploading routines were used to accomplish this catalog ecommerce shopping cart project for the client in USA.

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