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Php cms for maintaining company portfolio

Features of Php cms for portfolio website

This is a database management Application for the maintenance of company's records. We did this for maintaining the company's projects.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the records information bin. The user site has only html pages which is generated by the admin.For every change in the admin panel,small or big all the html pages are regenerated.

  1. Manage Categories: Admin has the ability to add, edit and delete any number and any level of categories.
  2. Admin can set individual header,footer and body template of every page in the user panel ie the admin can change the look and feel of every page in the site.
  3. Can add projects and link them to categories.A project can be linked to any number of categories.He can also upload images for the project.The number of images that can be uploaded for every project is set by the admin.
  4. Can manage the size of the project,location of the client,project skills,genre of the projects etc.These are some of the criteria used for grouping the projects.
  5. Admin has the ability to backup and download database and the html pages.
  6. Admin can also generate the html pages in addition to its automatic generation.

  1. Users can browse for projects based on
    • Location of the client
    • Size of Project
    • Project Skill
    • Genre of Project.
  2. He can view the projects and order for one if he wishes.An email would be sent to the admin regarding orders.

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