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Php Lawyers script

Features of Php lawyers script
This site provides site visitors more flexibility and targeted searching for the information they are looking for. Advertisers/lawyers can register in this site and the visitors could find details of lawyers dynamically from the information that advertisers have entered.

Advertisers Functions
When a new client(advertisers) wishes to advertise on the Divorce portal website portal, they will be directed to a signup page on the site. Informations such as court,country,categories and subcategories will be collected from the advertisers. The advertisers status will be set to pending as default which will be turned active by the administrator later. Only advertisers/lawyers with the status active will be available to visitors of the site.

The site gives feedback for the advertiser on how their advertisement works by seeing a list of visitor names who have sent enquiry forms to them. Advertisers will be able to select whether they have standard or gold service entry. Gold service entries will take priority in order of appearance on the website when a visitor searches for a lawyer.

Each advertiser will be given a username and password that will allow them to change any information . They will be given option to extend their advertisement time. They can event check their Account Status(joined date,advertisement expiry date..)

Administrators Functions
The administrator of Divorce lawyers portal website will be able to carry out the following functions via an online control panel. They can Add/Edit/Remove advertisers,categories,subcategories and court details. The administrator will be able to set a length of time the advertisement is valid for and also set rates for advertising.

The site also provides option for the administrators to view advertisers based on
  • Expiry date (admin enters a from and to date and details are listed)
  • Status
  • Creation date.

Auto Functions
  • Auto reminder sending of advertisers unpaid bill(admin can set number of days)
  • Auto reminder email to advertiser when period is about expire (admin set days prior)
  • Auto Set Status to suspend when end date is reached (admin can override this)
  • Auto send of email informing advertiser account is suspended due to expiry

The Site Visitors Process
When a user enters the site, they will be given a choice, quick search or search wizard. Quick search will search the given keyword with advertisers details(includes all information of advertisers). In case of Search Wizard,the search will be carried out with parameters like country, counties/state, courtlocation, categories and subcategories of lawyers. Once results are displayed, users can also refine their search by changing any of the entries. The visitor can then select a lawyer, and complete an online enquiry form, which is sent to the advertiser. The site visitor will be able to keep a store of lawyers details they are interested in contacting.

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