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This is a project developed for a school called KDBS which has held a unique place in the education of girls. Six different users will access this site. This site satisfies all users by providing details they are looking for. The school teachers can create homework, projects, assignments for students in this site. School Events snaps will be placed in the gallery section. It doesn't stops with this, the site changes its shape depending on the type of user who have logged in. Only superuser and authorized teachers have access to create pages(with images). Alumnae can view their details and events. Parents can view details of children. Association and Trustee member can create news, upload and download files.



  1. Authorized users will
    • be able to create, edit or delete pages
    • be given ability to preview page before publishing
  2. System will retain one previous copy of pages and their details for safety(roll backs)
  3. Automatic archive of stories/events/news once the date of the event passes.
  4. Calendar system with four different views.
  5. Document upload/download(.pdfs, or Word docs,etc.including art files or photos) to specified pages (based on templates)


Different level of users will access the site with some users belonging to more than one group:

  • super user/admin
  • Parents Association (will also be members of parents)
  • Board Members
  • Faculty/Staff (with 2 sub-levels: Head of School and faculty/staff)
  • Parents
  • Alumnae (may also be parents)


Admin of site will have ability to set user names/passwords as well as retrieve these informations. Access all pages, no restrictions.

Parents Association

Parents Association members have access to all areas except board members FTP area and faculty/staff calendar view. File uploading/downloading functionalities are provided for them.

Board members

Board Members have access to all areas except faculty/staff calendar view. File uploading/downloading functionalities are provided for them.


Faculty/Staff (with 2 sub-levels: Head of School and faculty/staff). Head of School has access to everything (is a super user). Directors and faculty have access to create Program pages as well as Faculty/Staff calendar and Class pages.(like homework,projects,gallery etc) Accessible to delete pages from the program pages

Alumnae and Parents

Alumnae have access to view Alumnae news, Alumnae events and their associated pages. Parents and Alumnae behave in same way. They doesn't have access to create, edit, delete pages. They can view events in Community and Public calendar.



Create New page
  1. Logs into system and selects page type they want to create (from a list of pages they have access to create).
  2. Selected page template will get displayed. User can select image,file(if applicable) and enters content. User can preview the created page.
  3. Options are placed to edit , publish page or cancel
  4. System makes note of who created and when the page was created

Edit Page
  1. Logs into system and Clicks page they have access to edit
  2. Edits page and Previews page
  3. Can either return to edit, publish, or cancel
  4. System makes note of when change was made and who made it

Delete Page
  • accessible to Admin/Super User
  • accessible to faculty/staff user to delete pages from the program pages
  • selects page to delete
  • delete confirmation appears
  • yes: deletes page
  • no: leaves page



Homepage gives introduction about the school. The content can be edited. Photo and captions are implemented on this page.

Resources/Tuesday Notes

This page is accessible only to the KDBS logged in user (families, alumni, faculty/staff). These are PDF downloads with the 10 most recent listed and a link to an archive page which will display the links by year and month with no cut off date

Board of Trustees section and Parents Association section (same behavior)

Links are placed to create, edit and delete news/stories and to upload/download trustee/parent association files. News/events are public access pages but public has no permission to create, edit and delete pages. Trustee Files and Stories will be created only by the trustee member and Superuser. Similarly Parent Association Files and Stories will be created only by Parent Association member and Superuser. Each news/story links to separate page with complete details. On the Board of Trustees/ Parent Association main page most recent 5 news items will be listed. Older items are archived by year, then by month within year. This is an automatic function once the date of the item passes. Some news are text with image option, some are ?gallery? type pages, mostly images with captions and content.

Family Handbook

Resources/Family Handbook will be PDF downloads. The PDF Files can be uploaded in the site by authorized users.

Alumnae News/ Alumnae Events/ News and Events

All Events and News can be created both in administrator panel as well as in the user side panel except parent association and trustee stories. These stories can be created only in the user side panel. Older items are to be archived by year, then by month within year. This is an automatic function once the date of the item passes. Each item links to separate page with complete item. Some news are text with image option, some are ?gallery? type pages, mostly images with captions and content. And only superuser have power to add, edit and delete news and events.

Listings pages: Alumnae listings, Parent Listings, and Faculty listings

User have to login to view these pages else they will be redirected to login page. User will be prompt to search Faculty/Parent/Alumnae in listings pages. User can search by Last name, Year, Parents name. They can also browse by alphabetical listing of names. Site provides option for user to edit their personal informations. School will create each record using available information but the user may update/change any of the fields except user name. Only password is editable. Not every contact listing will be published. Users can opt for confidential option in which case they will not be listed in the listings.

Calendar System

Four different views: public and three restricted access views (private, for alumnae and families (one group), faculty/staff, and athletic; all private views can view the athletic view, but not each other). For all private views, athletics calendar is the one thing that can viewed by all groups, even though the other groups cannot view each others calendars. Events will have ability to link to an event page; these will be pop-up windows with just text on the event in them. Only a super user can administer the calendar

Upper School

Each teacher will have own page for each class that is taught. Each page can be customized with icons/links. Authorized teacher will have ability to upload images to specified page types on these pages there will be a pull-down. On general landing page, this will be populated with departments. If you are on a department page, it will show all classes within that department (eg all maths classes for all upper school grades.) If you are on a grade page, it will show all classes available for that grade (eg. all 5th grade classes.) When you are on the specific class pages, it will also show all of the classes available for that grade.

Every teacher?s page will have Class home and department home links and the ability to add 4 links of their choice (gallery, homework, project, resource) with the ability to name them. Teachers will be given permission to create gallery pages with many images,text content and captions. Links will be displayed in the Resources pages. Each link will direct to a separate page with complete item. Homework pages with contain Assignments for specified date. Authorised teachers can create, edit and delete these pages. Teachers can just view other teachers pages. They cannot edit,create and delete.

Lower School

Lower school pages also behave similar to upper school except fo
  • Many teachers will be accessing a single page.
  • Only Grade home link will be displayed. No Department home.
  • No Pull down is seen.
  • Teachers can create homeworks, gallery etc similar to upperschool pages.


Athletics main page will have all sports listed in pulldown. On selecting a value will show corresponding sport page. Athletics teachers can create four links similar to the upperschool and lowerschool teachers. Many teachers will have access to single page.

  • Log in page presented if user clicks on a restricted access page
  • If user does not have permission to view page, error message will appear
  • User name is not changeable by user, but passwords are.
  • Dependent upon login, user is shown pages that they have access to edit

  1. Administrator will have
    • ability to enter, edit and delete hundreds of different User informations
    • ability to set unique user name and password combinations to allow users to certain parts of the web site
    • ability to enter, edit and delete listings informations.
    • ability to create, edit, delete tuesday notes, events/news, calendar news
  2. Site Permission setting for groups to see accessible web-pages
  3. Athletics and Program Administration(to add,edit,delete Sports, Subjects)
  4. Teachers Sport and School Administration (to assign teachers for sports and subjects)

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