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Php music ecommerce shop script

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This site has powerful set of tools that helps you track and manage news/events, new releases(music) , purchasing and more. It is very flexible and customisable. It has many exciting new features and improvements. You can place your favorite items in your cart which can be viewed whenever you login to this site. Advertisers can also place their banners in this site. It is an online music store where customers can search and buy purchased items. Important news and other activities will be sent to the newsletter members. Customers can even listen to their favorite music in this site.



  1. Cart/Wishlist:Follow your items you're interested in. See current items stored in cart list ,total amounts for purchases, and more.
  2. Listen to favorite music track using Radio Player
  3. Top CD's List
  4. Variety of club, services,event details.
  5. Join Newsletter: Receive important alerts and useful messages about buying, selling, and other activities and events on site
  6. Search: Choose and view your favourite music albums based on different criterias
  7. Profile:See and update your personal information.


Customers can navigate to news, clubs , services or music in this site.
The news section will list release, events, and contest taking place around you.
The Music will list New releases, Albums, Best sellers and catalogs.
The Clubs will list Subscribtions, Private clients, Business clients and Retail music programs. Visitors can see details of clubs and become a member of it if interested. Details of Private, business clients and Retail music will also be listed.
Customers can subscribe and enjoy the offers provided by the site. The site provides Services regarding Consulting, Record Labels and Music.

Visitor can browse music based on their moods(devotional, entertaining etc). They can also search their favorite albums based on title, artist, genre, style and label. The visitors can also view cds related to selected cds. Cd's relation will be set in the administrator interface. The search results will give details like title, artistname, price. They can also view full details of the selected album. If interested, customers can buy or add purchased item to their cart.

The cart list will show list of items which have been sent to the cart by the customer. This is a permanent list. Customers will be given option to delete selected items. The user can also send certain items to their wishlist. Wishlist is a temporary storage of selected items. Once they logged out from the site, the items in their wishlist gets automatically deleted. The shopping cart list will show the purchased item's total amount. Customers can also buy items in their cartlist using "Buy selected items" option which will take amount for purchased items from their credit card.

The visitor can join newsletter. Personal details will be collected from the visitor. Latest news, music new releases and more informations will be sent to them once the visitor becomes member of the newsletter. The visitor will be given choice to select the type of newsletter they need. Three options will be provided.
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Club
Members will receive informations depending on their choice of newsletter.

User should login to access certain parts of the site. To create wishlist, cartlist, buy and to subscribe user login is mandatory. Monthly CD selections in the site will list top moving cds list. Advertisements will also be rolling in this site. For club subscription, customers should provide their billing address, shipping address, subscription type and credit card details. User should be loggedin to subscribe, if not, he will be redirected to the login page. New user can also sign up to be a customer of this site. User should enter personal details, username , password and credit card details. The customer should login using this username and password. They can also edit their informations using profile link in the site.


Administrator is provided with different options for the site development.The admin will set the number of items to be displayed on Homepage. Admin have ability to preview site updates/changes before pushing site live.

* Manage News(add, edit, delete)

Admin can select news type like events, contest or release and add news information(date,title etc) for the corresponding type. When the visitor selects news type in the site, all news information regardin g that type will be displayed.

* Manage Music(add, edit, delete)

Similar to the News, Music album informations with music track can be uploaded in admin interface which can be viewed by visitors in the user interface.

* Manage Club(add, edit, delete)

Private clients, business clients , Subscription and Retail music Programs belong to club. Subscription is different from other three. Subscription name , description and client type(private or business) should be selected. This subscription details will be listed in user interface under clubs subscription section. For Private clients and business clients personal details will be entered. Just name and description is enough for Retail music.

* Manage E-Newsletter(add, edit, delete)

Add/Edit/Delete the content of newsletter(Music, Fashion, Club) using template, selecting which contacts/mailing list (private, business clients, subscribers, quango)database to send to, publish/send html/text newsletter

* Admin Settings

A superadmin can create subadmins who can access the administrator interface but cannot change/view other admins username or password. Only superadmin can create, edit and delete subadmins.

*Manage Banners

Admin can add, edit and delete banners provided by the advertisers. Admin can also add different music moods. They can also search music similar to the user interface.

*Sales Solicitation Settings

Add/Edit/Delete/View ? web page & PDF automatically generated by admin system.

*Managing Data

Add/Edit/Delete/View/Export to Excel/Web Capture Sales Reports for both store and B2B
Add/Edit/Delete/View/Export to Excel/Web Capture User registration/purchase history Reports

*Mail Settings

The email messages sent to the users from CRM can be configured in the admin panel.
Auto Responders
  • When sale is made
  • When product ships w / tracking info
  • Acknowledging Customer Service Request

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