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Php doctor appointments script

Features of Php appointments script

  1. A number of companies can sign up.
  2. Online Php Diary owners can sign up as users of a particular company.
  3. The Online Php Diary owners can then create a number of diaries for their use.
  4. Online Php Diary owners can add/view/edit/delete entries in his/her diary. He can also view cancelled entries.
  5. The entries are displayed in the form of neat diary pages.
  6. The Online Php Diary owner can edit/construct patient data table,add/edit/delete/search patient data, add/view notes for a patient. Dynamic creation and management of mysql tables with php
  7. The same procedure in 6) is followed for non business contacts as well.
  8. Online Php Diary owners can enter their location for various dates.
  9. The companies has to approve the various diarists before they can create their diaries.
  10. The company can also view the diary entries of all the diaries of all their users.
  11. The admin can also add/edit/delete/view the diary entries of all the diaries of all the users of the various companies.
  12. The patients or non business contacts can view the location of the diarist,and book the various time slots present in their diaries.the diarist can then approve or reject the booked entries.
Date checking routines, date non overlap routines , Javascripts , Php , Mysql were used to accomplish this project for the client in London , UK.

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