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Php Antique registry script

Features of Php Antique registry script

The Administrator will be able to add, edit and delete details such as category, items, era, period, price, location, subject, movement and speciality. While adding these details, the admin should select its category type(such as antiques,art etc) so that each details like item, era,category. Will be stored under its category type. Options are placed to edit and delete these details.

Admin can also search based on the category type. While adding products to category type, details such as company details, Product details(product code, name, description, product images) need to be submitted in the form. The admin should also select category, item, origin, era, period, price, width, height, depth. While searching, the admin should enter the required details and the results will display product name, code and category with an edit option. The admin can edit the product details.

User Functions

The products added in admin interface will be listed in site with individual pulldowns for category, item, origin, era, period, price, location. User can search products using these details. The search results will display the product image with productname and company name. Full details of the product can be viewed once you click the image.

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