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Composite or 'Umbrella' Tax Solution (ATS UK Ltd)- This Tracker enables those with the CTS package to track individual invoice payments from candidate's workplace employer, via his/her agency, to his/her bank account.

Features :
  1. The candidates can submit their timesheet information and get paid by the agency via this script.
  2. Proper and complete date checking and validations are done using php functions while submitting timesheet information so that the from and to dates do not overlap with previously submitted timesheets and Also a quick dates function was used which would at any time show the first and last dates of the previous month and the first and last dates of the previous week.(Mysql , php and javascript were used here).
  3. A reports page was done in the admin panel which would group the users together and would show the timesheet information duly by user/by month/by year.
  4. As a general consideration, the users can add/edit their bank details(can be more than 1), agency details (can be more than 1) , resume details and personal details.
  5. The admin panel was given all rights to change any and all kinds of data.

Javascripts , Php , Mysql , Perl background scripts and cron and shell commands were used to accomplish this project for the client in New Zealand and UK

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