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Php Ecommerce Script

Features of Php Ecommerce Script

This is a php mysql database management script for an online Ecommerce where the users can purchase the items online and pay using credit card.


The site admin or the master admin can modify the patients, doctors, shops and the related information.

  1. Ability to register themselves as patients. They can then login and purchase items.
  2. The products will be grouped under categories. On the first purchase of a product under a category, the patients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will be available to doctors and admin. The doctor, before approval can check the questionnaire and then approve.
  3. Ability to edit his/her own account information.
  4. Ability to view the details of the orders placed by them.
  5. Ability to track the orders that are shipped.
  6. List the Frequently Asked Questions added by the admin.
  7. Calculation of BMI from patients' height and weight is also possible.

  1. The orders placed by the patients will come to the doctor for approval. The doctor can approve or reject the orders.
  2. The orders approved by doctor will then go to the admin for payment processing. The payment gateway used in this project is 'optimal payments'.
  3. As said above, products will be grouped under categories. Each and every category will have a questionnaire that must be answered by the patients when they order any of the products in that category for the first time.
  4. Ability to modify the questionnaire.

Ecommerce PANEL
  1. Ability to set product price for the products added by the admin.
  2. Can generate the pdf label and ship an order.
  3. Can regenerate the labels of the shipped orders.
  4. Ability to track the orders.

  1. Ability to add users who can access the admin panel and can also set their access rights. They will be allowed to access the site depending on the access areas chosen by the admin.
  2. Can edit and delete the users and modify their access areas.
  3. Manage Doctors- can add,edit and delete the doctors.
  4. Manage Ecommerce Client - can add,edit and delete the Shops. Registration of doctors and shops is a one way process i.e only master admin and user can register them provided they have access to add them.
  5. Manage categories and subcategories. The products will be grouped under subcategories that are grouped under categories.
  6. Manage Products- can add,edit and delete products.
  7. Manage patients- can add,edit,delete and search for patients.
  8. View summary of all orders, new orders, orders that are approved by doctor, rejected by doctor, payment processor approved, payment processor rejected and orders shipped.
  9. Can view the colored graphical reports that shows the statistics of products that are most sold and least sold.
  10. Can view the graphical sales report that shows the sales per day,sales per week and sales per month.
  11. Can search for patients using wildcard and place orders for them.
  12. Manage Frequently Asked Questions- can add,edit and delete the FAQs which will be displayed in the site.
  13. Import doctors database and Ecommerce database from a CSV file.
  14. Can manage the look and feel of the site by modifying the templates(html pages).

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