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Php ratings and reviews database script

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  1. Logon with multiple admin or office workers w/ login and password also a place so I can edit their logon ID\'s and passwords or simply shut a worker off. Also, implies to users. Only Master Admin can edit other Admin users but all admins can edit customer users and there inputs.
  2. User ID NUMBER FOR IN OFFICE USE (billing purposes) Each state and country will have a billing string) String will automatically be assigned according to state or country with a automatic generated number. Can be state initials and number combination.
  3. Users method of payment Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, Cash, Pay Pal. The CC numbers, exp dates, name on card, billing address if different from office was used via php curl ssl background form post in adc method
  4. The payment period per search, per week, per month, quarterly, six month in advance, yearly. admin can edit payment period according to customer and discounts given. If say a customer pays for a year they get a discount according to the amount admin sets for these fields.
  5. admin sees users billing terms that are maturing so he can bill them accordingly. Also, admin sees users last 50 logins with date and time stamp. admin can run a query to filter those account that have no logins in a given month.
  6. Admin can edit all info that is inputted from users on the site.
  7. admin can suspend a user from login on if needed.
  8. Also a note can be entered in that user account with misc. conversations or reasons why suspended.
  9. If a user forgets there login name and or password the system will email them there username and password to the email address that they opened there account with. Also admin in the office can give it to them if they call.
  10. Pictures up load via web (user). Or emailed faxed which will be uploaded in house. The pictures are the id\'s given at the start of employment. All pictures are linked to the user\'s account that uploaded them. Also pictures are place with the review that was done.
  11. Users who want to put a bad review on an employee have a form to fill out with employers name (first, last) Address, up to three Telephone numbers, Id number (ex. license number) plus birth date (full). Plus drop down menus (makes life easy for them) with reasons for the employees to be listed on the site (In the beginning there will be a place where they type in the reasons until we establish unanimous reasons in the industry). And up load picture ID of that individual. When a user enters a review the system will ask for a password which only an authorized user will know to be able to upload a review.
  12. When a user does a search they must enter any at least two combinations of above in (BOLD) and If any 2 match, that\'s user sees the bad review with name of company that entered it and the date and time that the review was entered. In addition, only the two matching fields that where entered are seen but the id picture is always shown if there is one.
  13. Users cant browse data only see if there is a match.
  14. In house records all data searched with the name of the company time and date doing the search. This info will be used for marketing reasons. Make an interface for this data. Also, we need to be able to print and delete. This data will not be able to be searched by anyone else except with admin clearance.
  15. Admin to see all system reviews with company date and time stamp by date, week, month or year.
Complex search mysql statements where clause where scripted and Date checking routines, date non overlap routines , Javascripts , Php , Mysql were used to accomplish this project for the client in USA

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