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Php cms for Voluntary and community organization script

Features of Voluntary and community organization PHP script


New User can signup and become a HAVCO member using register link in the site. Members can also edit their details using account link.

From document section of the HAVCO website, members can download a variety of documents and files relevant to their organisation. Downloads are separated into categories.They need to select the catagory of the download they require from the given category menu. Some users may need to right click the mouse and select 'Save Target As...' to download the document.

The Jargon Busters of the HAVCO website will help you unravel the words, phrases and acronyms of the voluntary and community sector. The results will be alphabetised.

The Links section will list selection of links relevant to HAVCO, their members and the local community. If user would like to have a link to their website included on the HAVCO list, they have to use the contact page for their request. The Links are separated based on link categories.

Listings of Services is the online version of HAVCO's 'Good Life and Social Care Listings' published in 2005, offering detailed information on services in the Haringey area within the voluntary and community sector. This listing was developed in partnership with Haringey Community Empowerment Network (HarCEN) with the purpose of providing a pratical and easy reference for people who need to know the type and range of services available from Haringey's Voluntary and Community Organisations.

The HAVCO site asks it's visitors their opinion on issues regarding the industry. Visitors can also take part in any of open polls listed in the site, to help the community. User can use the contact page if they would like to discuss any of the issues displayed in the site.Site visitor will be allowed to vote one on a poll. An archive of polls are available for people to view. The voting process will be as follows

  • User selects to view polls
  • User selects a poll
  • Options for that poll will be displayed.
    ( These options will be added by admin for every polls)
  • User have to select an option provided
  • Once voted for a poll, the poll will be displayed no more for that particular user
  • The Poll archive will include poll,number of votes for each option, etc.
  • The closed polls will be available for view only if the poll has been set the option 'viewable after vote' by Admin.


A signup page is created where the admin can login using username and password. The system will check for validity. The Homepage contains several options to create, change and delete details to be displayed in the site.When an application is completed, a copy is sent to admin contact at HAVCO.

Admin Settings

The admin can change the username and password.

Document categories

Categories can be added by just providing the document name like doc,zip,gif etc which can also be edited and deleted.


While adding documents, the admin should enter document category type(pulldown option), title, description details. Should also upload a document. The above entries can also be edited and deleted. Added documents will be listed with download link.

Jargon Buster

Phrase and description should be entered while adding.The informations can be edited and deleted.

Link Categories

This is similar to the document categories. Link name should be provided.All Linkcategories will be listed with edit and delete option.


While adding links, admin should select the link category and enter the url, description and title for the link which can be edited and deleted.

List of services

Title, address details, url, opentimes, service groups, service area, description and facilities will be collected while adding listing. Edit and delete option will be provided while listing all items.


Details such as title, description, poll enddate, poll options has to be entered while adding polls. These details can also be edited, archived and deleted. Options are also placed to view votes.


Admin will add members by collecting required details. On selecting view option on members page, admin can view and edit the members details. Admin will set access for the members to access site areas. And also set status(active, rejected and awaiting) for the members.Admin may select rejected users , which then offers an entry box for admin to type a reason why. This is then sent to the applicant. Failed/Rejected applications will remain on the database, with their rejection message and viewable via the admin panel.When admin access their control panel, message will be displayed at top stating "You currently haxe x membership applications awaiting processing, please click to view" which opens up Members page.

Email Functions

Options are provided to send new mail, view sent mails and to view/edit mail contents.Admin can send a message via email to all members (with status active). Information of the message will be stored on the database, including sent date, subject and message content.Users will be able to get a password reminder sent to them. Login for users will be via username and password.

The admin will visit the site and grant access to the user via admin control panel.When access is granted, message is sent to user notifying of acceptance, with details of login page and their username and password

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