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Php escrow script

Features of Php escrow script

  1. This escrow software makes transactions easy and secure for buyers and sellers.
  2. The entire escrow transaction history is recorded and can be viewed at any time.
  3. Either the buyer or the seller could initiate a transaction and for a single transaction there could be more than one item name and one such item(s) could be more than one in number.
  4. For each and every escrow transaction the user could choose between his wire transfer/ACH electronic check/credit card as the mode of transferring money and he/she could also make changes to it which would not affect his other ongoing transactions.
  5. Dynamic Mysql tables were created for each user for this purpose.
  6. A stage and audit trail Mysql table was maintained which would duly show the stage of any transaction at a given point of time.The entire transaction duration was noted down and history recorded.This entire history could be viewed at any point of time.
  7. The transaction is made only after the receipt of the amount from the buyerand thus ensures safe business.

Php , Mysql , SSL , https were used to accomplish this escrow project for the client in Singapore.

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