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Php mdf boards script

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This is basically an ecommerce site, involved in selling mdf wood materials and mdf boards and especially green mdf, which is a special type.

The pricing of the wood materials are based on their dimensions.


User Panel:

User can purchase wood providing the following specification:
  • Length of MDF [Maximum length 2440]
  • Width of MDF [Maximum length 1220]
  • Thickness of MDF [min of 6 to max of 38]

The price is calculated as per the specification provides in the following way.
Formula : amount= ((length * width) * depth_rate) * quantity

A check box is provided for green MDF, which have different pricing.

User can view the price list provided for the thickness of the ordinary wood and green wood separately.

Admin Panel:

MDF Thickness Rates:

A list of thickness is maintained along with the rate of the ordinary and green MDF for that thickness.

Delivery Charge:

It has two delivery charges
  • One for limited delivery.
  • Other for delivery beyond limit.

Delivery PostCode:

Here a list postcode for free delivery are added and maintained.

Order Details:

Admin also provides list of order maintained by Order Date

We can create custom shopping carts which involves custom fields to products. We can also use existing open source scripts like cubecart, opencart or Magento etc. We specialize in creating custom php addons or php modules for calculating product price based on user chosen form variables/fields.

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