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Php multi vendor shop script

Features of Php multi vendor shop script

This site is a new form of ecommerce that lets anyone open an online store on the fly. This is a online shopping mall kind of php script. All the tasks from online store creation , transaction processing , merchandising, order fulfilment to administration are taken care of by php mysql scripts.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the store and the products information.



  1. The first step to create a store is to choose a category and subcategory.(There will be a wide range of categories and subcategories set by super admin).
  2. The next step is to choose a particular design,color and typography for this store. Based on this, the stores' look and feel will be dynamically changed.
  3. In the third step, the store owner can personalize his/her store by giving logos, slogans information about him/her etc.,all the informations provided here will be seen in his/her store.
  4. Once the store is created a link to the new store will be provided along with a link to manage his/her store(He/she has to login to manage it)


  1. Ability to change the look and feel of his/her store and store settings.
  2. Ablity to create a new category, edit a category or delete a category of the store. He/She can also add any products available(set by super admin) to those categories.
  3. Other functionalities include
    • Modifying profile
    • Adding featured products to the shopping cart.
    • Creating additional stores
    • Management of all stores
    • Commission based on sales


This refers to an individual store created and maintained by a storeadmin.
  1. Store or the site has all the categories(with their products) added by storeadmin,store settings,featured products and popular products.
  2. Popular products are listed according to the sale of the products in this store.(top 5 are listed)
  3. Any person can buy products from this store. They can choose a product and add it to the cart or can search for the product .The quantity of the products added to the cart can be edited. Deleting products from the cart is also done. Sorting the products by name,high to low price,low to high price is also possible.
  4. Shopping cart has functionalities for both returning customers and new customers.Billing and shipping details are saved and restored for returning has been used as the payment gateway.Once the order is placed,mails are sent out to the customer and storeadmin and the products are then shipped.


This is the panel for the site admin/web master. The tasks include
  1. Managing any number of categories and subcategories
  2. Managing any number of store categories and subcategories.
  3. Managing products,designs,colors and typography used when a store is created.
  4. Setting time limit for store expiration.
  5. Viewing activity log of store owners and users.
  6. Editing copy right informations.
  7. Viewing product orders and statistics.
  8. Uploading and downloading products database from and to a CSV file.

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