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Php ecommerce script

Features of Php ecommerce script

This is a php database management shopping cart application. We have successfully implemented this site's clone in 3 other different sites.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the products information and can also modify the look and feel of the site.


  1. Manage Products - Can add, edit and delete the products displayed in the site.
  2. Can search/advanced search for products and make changes on the products.
  3. Can set a product as featured. Only featured products are listed on the users site homepage.
  4. Manage categories- Can add,edit and delete any number of categories.
  5. Manage category Priority- This decides the order in which the categories are displayed in the web site. Categories are displayed in order of their priority.
  6. Manage Products Priority- Products and the categories priority together determine the order in which the products are displayed in the website.
  7. Manage orders- Can view and change the status of the orders.
  8. Can approve purchased orders. Shopping are of 2 types online shopping and offline shopping. In online shopping, the customer need not get the approval of the admin for purchasing the products whereas in offline shopping, only after the approval of the admin,the products can be purchased.
  9. Ability to maintain the tax which will be added to the products price while shipping.
  10. Ability to set the 'Minimum Stock Alert Level'- This is the value which determines if the product is available or not. Out of stock products will not be available for sale immediately real time.
  11. Manage distributors- Can edit and approve distributors. Distributors are special kind of users who gets discount on the products price which is set by the admin.
  12. Manage OEM members, OEM categories,OEM articles and can also change the look and feel of the OEM panel. OEM members have their own panel where they can view the OEM articles added by the admin.
  13. Ability to dynamically generate pages such as about us,contact,customer service pages and the main page. The look and feel of the whole site is managed by the admin.

  1. Products are listed according to the products and categories priority chosen in the admin panel.
  2. User can choose a product, add it to his/her shopping cart. The quantity of the products added to the cart can be edited. Deleting products from the cart is also possible.
  3. The payment gateway used in this site is 'paypal'
  4. Products search is available throughout the site.

  1. Users can register themselves as OEM users and they have their own panel.
  2. The difference between OEMs and ordinary users is that the OEMs can view the OEM articles added by the admin.

  1. Users can register themselves as distributors and they have their own panel.
  2. The difference between the distributors and ordinary users is that the distributors will get discount (set by admin) on the products price whereas the ordinary users will not.

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