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Php intranet script with phpbb forum integration

Features of Php intranet script with phpbb integration

This is a Geo solution site. The core admin panel for the client contains:
  1. Manage the products that company launches
  2. Manage the technical resources
  3. Manage the case Studies.
  4. Complete member management
  5. Manage Sales representatives/Distributors and their Territories
  6. Maintain a private message board (integrate Phpbb)
  7. Maintain an events Calendar(integrate web calendar).
  8. News
  9. FAQ Editors for the employees.
  10. File Sharing Utility.
  11. Site page Editors.
  12. EC-SOFTWARE Design



This site is constructed with database abstraction layer to enable seamless support of MYSQL servers:


Designed with security as a priority
Scripted with Powerful and extensive authorization system
Used Strong encryption to keep passwords safe in the database

News Management Panel:

Unlimited number of news items can be added/edited to the database and they can also be hidden from the eyes of restricted users.

Versatile User groups:

Scripted with powerful user permission management system.
Control to access only certain links.
Master Admin permitted to access every user.

Member Permissions:
  1. Master Admin: Permitted to access any thing in the panel.
  2. General Users: Permitted to access only the main menu area.
  3. Extranet users: Permitted to access only the extranet area(File utility, web calendar and private message board)

Product Editors:

Authorized members can add/edit/delete any number of products, and upload a Pdf file which details about their product. Admin friendly validation are made to ensure that members give valid information.

Technical resource Manager:

Technical resource file are added with the categories, applications and sub applications. Regarding every Technical resource a file is uploaded. Authenticated members can edit/delete the same.

Manage Case Studies:

Case studies carried out for every resources or application or sub application are discussed by the members in this area. If the member wishes they can do this by uploading pdf files on this regard.

FAQ Editors :

FAQ editors are managed with the admin editable categories of queries and the replies for the same.

Manage Sales representatives/Distributors and their Territories:

Admin can manage the sales reps by adding/editing/deleting there details.Allote them the territories for their sales.

EC-DESIGN Softwares:

Can add any number of EC-DESIGN softwares. They can upload any number of bugs/ issues for each uploaded software. For every issues there can be any number of fixes(remedies or debug the issues) from the members panel.


1.Phpbb Private Message Board:

  1. Supports popular database servers
  2. Unlimited forums and posts
  3. Multiple language interface
  4. Private or public forums
  5. Powerful search utility
  6. Private Messaging Systems
  7. Customisation of all the template in the admin panel.
Every user who entered the main panel are scripted to enter the phpbb message board by default.

2.Events Calander:

An web based events calendar is set up for easy navigation of all the planned schedule by the members.

3.File Sharing utility:

Extranet members can upload any number of files like pdf or power point presentation and share with the others extranet users. There is a facility for the downloads also.

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