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Php Police Records Script

Features of Php Police Law Records Script

This site is a Database Management site for the on line maintenance of records of a Police Department.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the operators,suspects,assign supervisors and can configure the license codes,vehicle codes etc. In this site there is no separate panel for site admin and other operators. But they have their own limitations and access restrictions.


  1. Ability to edit his account information.
  2. Ability to file a complaint or edit or delete the complaints filed by operators of the same agency.
  3. Ability to assign police, Emergency Medical Services(EMS),Fire Department to look after the complaint.
  4. Any evidence on this complaint or suspects or the license code or vehicle code that might be related to this complaint can be added or edited or deleted. The operators can also upload any number of reports on a complaint.
  5. The operators are restricted to access the data added by operators belonging to other agencies.
  6. Ability to manage suspects, license code and vehicle registration codes.
  7. Dynamically generated search pages are available to search for suspects,license code,vehicle registration code at every stage.
  8. Ability to download and print dynamically generated traffic citation,non moving citation and parking tickets PDF forms.
  9. Ability to add Flash News. The flash news added will then be sent to the admin or his supervisor to get approved. One approved news from each agency will be randomly selected and displayed in the home page.
  10. Anyone who visits the website can add their comments on those top stories. The summary of comments are then available for the operators to view.
  11. Ability to add or edit or delete the businesses in the town and their contact information.
  12. Every action of the operator,starting from the time he logs in to the time he logs out is stored in the database and can be viewed by the administrator.
In addition to the above operations,the master admin has few more additional operations.

  1. Ability to modify the 'Welcome Message' displayed in the home page.
  2. Ability to set the size of the uploaded image.
  3. Ability to add operators,agency and can group operators under an agency. Admin can also assign few operators as supervisors.
  4. Ability to add ,edit and delete the configurable data.
  5. The master admin and the supervisors can approve or lock or unlock the flash news or the reports submitted by the operators. If an operator is locked by the admin to modify a flash news or a report,he cannot edit that particular news unless it is unlocked again.
  6. Ability to set the access rights for the operators.
  7. All the scripts have a special security check.

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