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Php student applications Script

Admin Features

Manage Partners:

The admin can manage the partner details. For each partner the admin can store the partner's personal details, promoter details, University Name, Department Name,website address and upload logo for the partner.

Student Application Management:

The admin can view all the student application details. He/She has the option to download/print the details for each application. He/She has the option to delete the application and submit the application. Once the admin submits the application, the script will redirect the admin to 'Add Student' page, where the admin can add the applicant as student.

Manage Students:

The admin has the option to add/edit/delete the student informations. He/She can also download/print the student details.

Non-European MaqFish Partners News administration :

The admin can manage the non-euro satellites. The satellite name , contact details are added for each satellite.

News Administration:

The admin can add/edit/delete the news details. He/She can also upload images for each news.

Partner Features

The partner whom are added in the admin panel can access the partner's features by login to the partner panel. The partners has the option to edit all the partners informations. The partners can also edit the accommodation information.
They also have the option to add/edit/delete Thesis details,the Technical files, Erasmus Bilateral Agreement, Scholarship details. In the technical file management , the partner can add keywords for each course. These keywords are used to search the course in the student panel.

Student Features

The student can search for the course details based on the keywords set by the partners. They can also view the course information for each partners. They can also search for the partners and satellites and view its details. The students can select any bilateral agreement and view its details.
The student can also send the application to the admin by filling the application form. They can also view the details of scholarship, accommodation information, Link Industry details, and news details etc. The student can also select any partner and view their details in 'worldwide partner' area. The can also view the world map here.

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