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Custom geocore developers | Custom modifications to geodesicsolutions geocore classifieds auctions software

The following modifications were done to geocore MAX Software

  1. The location of all Classified ads were shifted on the top of the page and auctions were placed below.
  2. The Regions box was put on the same location and With this regions, the countries will show. Then when we click on the counties, we should be able to see state, and then cities.
  3. Languages can be changed by the user using a dropdown at the top.
  4. Admin message announcement feature was done. In the geodesic classifieds admin panel, a box will be provided and admin can enter and save messages. These messages will be shown in scrolling format in all the front pages visible to the user.
  5. Geodesic geomax admin can configure a youtube video to be shown in the frontpage of the classifieds website.
  6. The header and the front page arrangement were changed
  7. Custom wordings were incorporated in the default user agreement text.
  8. When a user selects a particular region/country, the associated currency symbol will be shown when price is entered for a classified or auction.
  9. An instant chat script is integrated with geodesic. Video chat script.
  10. An advertisement banner can be configured to be shown in the frontpage by the admin.
  11. The above project was done by our expert geodesic developers.

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