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Php doctor clinic Script

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A Good Life Care application was developed so that the administrator can maintain several virtual CLINICS.

  • The system works like this.
  • Whenever patients come (can be old or new), the receptionist gets in their personal data and allots them to a specific doctor and a client.
  • When the doctor logs in to the system, he/she can view the list of appointments for the current date and can prescribe a thing for the patient based on the patient's symptom , history and diagnosis.
  • Once this is done, The shop alloted for this patient can view the list of things to be sent and would be able to proceed on with the packing of things.

  • Receptionists, doctors and shop data would be added and maintained by the site administrator.
  • Administrator can also add other admins and can set access permissions for each and every admin added by him/her.
  • Inventory data would be maintained by the shop.
  • When the shop sends the items to the patients , the inventory would be updated to reflect the present stock.
  • Search panel done for the receptionist and doctor panel so that it would be easy for them to drill to the data.

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