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Php Online Ecommerce Management Script

Features of Php Ecommerce Doctor Patient Script

This is a database management shopping module for an online Ecommerce where the users can purchase the items online and pay using credit card or Pay on Delivery.

There are 4 kinds of users in this site the patients who purchase the items, the clients (shops) who sells the items, the doctor who approves the orders placed by the customers, the Ecommerce client who delivers the items ordered and the superadmin who manages everyone.


  1. Clients have their own websites where the products available in the countsys site will be displayed. When one orders a item, he will be redirected to the countsys site where the actual ordering and all other process takes place.
  2. Each client has his own panel. Registration of clients/shops is a one way process(only admin can register clients).
  3. Manage patients- The client can add patients and can place an order for the patient himself.
  4. Manage Products- Each and every client is allowed to fix his own price for the products.
  5. Ability to view the colored graphical report of sales monthwise.
  6. Can view the statistics of the orders (shipped,delivered etc).
  7. Manage all kinds of orders such as those approved or rejected by admin or doctor,those which are fraud orders, those which are credit card declined.Site admin can set some data as 'FRAUD' data and the fraud orders are the ones that are added by the patients whose information matches the fraud data.
  8. Can view a detailed colorful money report that shows the orders according to their status.
  9. Ability to choose his mode of shipping.The patients are then allowed to choose their shipping option depending on the clients choice.

  1. Can login as a patient in any of the clients site. They can then choose a product and purchase.
  2. On the first purchase of every product the patients will be asked to fill out a questionaire which will be available to doctors,Ecommerce,clients and admin. The doctor before approval can check the questionair and then approve.
  3. The shipping mode (USPS, airborne etc) would be decided by the client.
  4. The patients can either pay by credit card or they can pay Cash On Delivery(COD).
  5. The patients can track their order details by entering their username and password.
  6. The payment gateway used in this project is '' which offers a safe mode of payment using credit cards.
  7. Some products when taken regularly would affect the patients good life. So care is taken to quarantine such orders if there is not enough gap between the two orders for the same product.

  1. Doctors are of 2 types special doctor and ordinary doctors. Ordinary doctors will be linked to the clients.The orders placed for a client will come to the doctor who is linked to that client for approval.Special doctors have the ability to add their own patients and order for them.
  2. The ordinary doctors will be paid a part of the order money that the doctor's client receives.
  3. Ability to search for patients and update data.
  4. Ability to view daily,weekly and monthly reports.
  5. Ability to approve orders.Only the orders that are approved by the doctors can be shipped and delivered.
  6. View the summary of orders that are paid and unpaid.

Ecommerce client PANEL
  1. Registration of client is a one way process(Only site admin can register client)
  2. Each client will be linked to a client and orders placed by that client's users will be processed and delivered by that client.
  3. Ability to manage products.
  4. Ability to set a product as out of stock and can revert it back to instock once the products are available.
  5. Ability to view all the orders under his/her client.
  6. Ability to process orders and create pdf labels based on the shipping mode chosen. There are 3 forms of shipping modes used .They are UPS,Airborne and fedex.
  7. Can deliver the orders that are shipped.The delivery of the products to the patients will be done by the client manually.
  8. Ability to cancel an order even after processing.
  9. Ability to regenerate and download missing pdf labels based on processed dates.
  10. Search for patients and update their data.
  11. View daily,weekly and monthly reports on orders.
  12. View weekly and monthly profit report.

  1. Ability to manage clients,doctors and patients.
  2. In addition to the client's activity,the admin can import the patients details into the database from a CSV file.
  3. He can also link the client to a website and to a doctor.This is also a one way process that can be done only by admin.The doctor and the client linked to the client are responsible for approving and shipping the orders under that particular client respectively.
  4. Ability to choose a shipping mode for the client.It can be either Airborne or UPS or Fedex.
  5. Copy the product price of one client to the other client and can also add individually.
  6. In addition to the client's activity the admin can manage products category and also the products under that category.
  7. Ability to set the starting point of the pdf file where the label should start printing.
  8. Set COD(Cash On Delivery) orders as paid after receiving the money.
  9. In addition to the doctor's activity the admin can add doctors and can add their signatures in the form of jpg file.
  10. Ability to manage patients.
  11. Admin can process the orders ie checks for credit card validation and get the money through ''. Only if the process is successful the order would be processed further.
  12. View the shipping report.
  13. Manage the shipment Number of all shops.Shipment number is an unique number given to every order that is shipped.
  14. Ability to monitor the clients,patients,shops login along with the time and the ip from where they logged in.
  15. Ability to Manage Ips.The ips added by the admin would not be allowed to access any of the pages of this site.
  16. Manage Fraud data.If admins wants to block someone from ordering he can enter his details as fraud data.The orders placed by the patients whose information matches the fraud data will be rejected.
  17. Ability to view different kinds of orders ie fraud orders,approved orders,rejected orders,shipped orders,delivered orders etc.

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