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Php clinician script

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The following are the enhancements involved in this project.

  1. When a clinician registers and declares themselves an employee of one of the clients of American staffing, they cannot bid until they are "Activated" in Admin Panel. After they are activated they are listed in the new Employee List. The Client's employees are limited to bidding only on their employer(s) open shifts.

  2. Only the employer can activate/suspend authority in the Employee List and for their employees only. If the clinician applies to American staffing, then, they will be give them universal permission to bid on all shifts.

  3. Anyone can Sign-Up as a Client and obtain an "Activated" status automatically after registration, and subsequently create new shifts. Also the Client registrant will default to be Suspended after sign-up. The American Staffing can activate the Client account in ADMIN after they have a subscriber contract.

  4. If the user is a "dual employee" or "universal bidder" meaning that they have declared they are an employee of one or more of the clients and they also have applied to be an employee of American Staffing, then after they have been approved and "activated" by American Staffing they would be able to bid on all shifts listed on the American staffing service.

  5. A feature and control is included that will allow the Client to have their own employees o sign up and be an identifiable "employee bidder". Possible priority bid status would be given the employees. The employees wont have bidding status on any of the clients unless they have been screened and authorized to do so.

  6. When a shift is canceled the clinician will to receive an automated email notification informing the clinician of the cancellation.

  7. A method of posting Shift cancellations of post "awarded" shifts is included. They are also listed for easy identification. Each cancellation notice/listing will have a time and date stamp on it.

  8. The client has the capability of cancelling "Awarded" shifts from his management screen. When a shift is cancelled by a Client an auto email will be generated and immediately issued to the winning clinician bidder's registered address with the cancellation activity time and date stamp.

  9. When a shift is cancelled by the Client the result will be displayed in the Corresponding Clinician's table with a "Cancelled" status. The clinician is presented with the same choice as an awarded shift "Accept/Deny Offer". If the clinician clicks that hyper link, they will get a cancellation notification screen with the wrong labels.

  10. Users must have sufficient funds in accounts to accept and award projects. Client's must have deposited sufficient funds in order to cover the cost of a project prior to selecting a winning bidder and Clinician's must have sufficient funds on account to cover fees prior to accepting a project. Will not allow a negative balance.

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