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Php website screenshot capture script | Take screenshot of website

This php script can be used to capture website screen shots. The website screen grabs can be captured and saved in the server.

Sample screenshot of amazon garments website using this php screenshot script

Sample screenshot of jamesallen diamond website using this php screenshot script

Features of this php screenshot capture script

This php script can be installed in any shared server.
An url or website link can be passed as a query string to this php screengrab script and a website screen shot image is created by this script.
This captured screen grab image can be sent to further processing for resizing or resampling etc.

More features of this Website screen grab script

Once the captured image is stored. The image is resized and resampled using php GD functions. Currently the image is being resized to 300 X 300. Please see some samples through out this page.

Sample screenshot of amazon movies website using this php screenshot script

Integration of this screenshot php script

Do contact us if you need to integrate this php screengrab script into your existing applications.

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