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Php Dental Recruitment job Script

Features of Php Dental Recruitment job Script

This is a dental recruitment jobsite that helps both the people who are seeking jobs and offering jobs in the dental recruitment domain.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify the details of the dentists , the dental recruiters and the dental jobs posted in the website.


  1. Ability to add or edit or delete the Vocational Trainers details.
  2. Ability to import the Vocational Trainers Details into the database from a CSV File.
  3. Manage Practices-Ability to edit and delete practices.
  4. Ability to approve or reject the new practices and also the changes that are made by the registered practises.
  5. Manage Jobseekers-Ability to edit or delete or approve or reject jobseekers data.
  6. Manage Jobs-Ability to edit or delete or approve or reject the jobs that are posted by the practices.
  7. Manage Links-Ability to edit or delete the related dental site's links added by the users.
  8. Ability to dynamically generate information pages that are displayed in the website.
  9. Every important action in the Admin Panel is followed by an Email Notification either to both the site admin and the user or only to one depending on the action..The Email messages are configurable at the admin panel.

DENTAL practitioner'S PANEL
  1. Ability to update their profile.
  2. Ability to upload any number of images.These images would be displayed in the website.
  3. Ability to Post a Job.
  4. View and Edit and Delete the jobs that are already posted by him.

  1. Ability to Login and Edit his/her Profile.

  1. Ability to register as a Job seeker or Job Recruiter(practitioner).
  2. Ability to view the details of the job seekers as well as job recruiters.
  3. Ability to search for jobs and apply for that position.
  4. The Information Pages that are dynamically generated in the admin panel are displayed in the user panel for additional information.
  5. Ability to view the details of Vocational Trainers and email them if there is any query.
  6. Can Email the site admin if there is any query.

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