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Php nursing jobs script

Features of php script for nursing jobs
  1. This is a niche jobsite which focuses on good life care professionals.
  2. This was extended to include nursing candidates also.
  3. Nursing candidates page were differentiated and each would redirect to a separate page based on the candidates degree.
  4. Also, when the employer posts a job , then the script would go checking for each candidate 's preferences and if a match is found , then that job post would appear in that prospective candidate 's inbox.
  5. And the candidate can opt to exclude an employer for job matches.
  6. The candidate can apply for the job that appears in his job match page and get his interview dates and other details from the employer.
  7. Also a php mail mail routine was done from the admin point of view so that he could choose to mail to nursing candidates and nursing employers.

Javascripts , Php , Mysql , SSL , https were used to accomplish this jobsite recruitment project for the client in USA.

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