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Php Japanese Teacher students learning management script programmers.

Features of Php Japanese Teacher students script

This is a website that brings teachers and students together. Students who wish to study a lesson can buy the contact informations of those teachers who are proficient in it . This php script is multi lingual capable. At present the site operates with two languages in hand (Japanese and English ) . At any stage, another language can be added to the site with ease and one can make that language as the default language of the site too .

Functionality :

Admin panel :

1. Categories :

Categories options was built , so that when students login to the site , they would know what kind of lessons to look for. For instance , it could be a general English lesson under the language category. Like wise , admin could add any number of categories and put the languages under that category .

2.Region :

Students can also search for a lesson by region in this site . Taking this into consideration , the admin panel was designed so that admin could add as many regions he/she wishes to. Also the sub-regions option was built .

3.Specials :

This is a dynamic property which may change for each and every lesson or may be the same for a category . For instance , for an English lesson , the teacher may wish to offer his/her own grammar book or may just suggest some other standard book but these options would not be applicable in the case of Martial arts lesson . Admin can design this special property to fit his/her needs and let the teachers/students make full use of it .This module was designed in a way that the appearance (text, html fields whether check box or radio button ) is fully configurable by the admin .

Teacher Panel :

  1. Teachers can sign up , search through the lessons and regions available and fill in the lesson form . This search panel was scripted using java script so when a teacher selects a category in a pull down menu, all the available lessons will get automatically populated in the next pull down menu . This is also applicable to the region selection module .
  2. Teachers can also upload their photo , resize it (done using GD library), and can show a presentation in their preferred language .
  3. They can also view in their control panel a detailed statistics of how many students have contacted them , how many have chosen them etc.
  4. They can also turn their lesson off , if they do not wish teach more , can go on holidays , can stop teaching etc.

Student Panel :Students can login to the website and

  1. Search the database for teachers of their favorite subject.
  2. Take advantage of selecting up to 5(configurable) teachers, who attract their attention while browsing.
  3. Contact the teachers of their choice and arrange trial lessons or meetings.
  4. Choose the teacher their feel most comfortable with.
  5. After some period of time, give their new teacher a quality rating.
  6. Advance search module was done for this site so that the student can sort and search through the database by any option.
  7. Rating module was done and the students can rank a teacher using this module .
  8. And Finally payment can made either via bank transfer or via credit card (via account ) as per the student wish.

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