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OScommerce subscription and membership programmers and oscommerce developers.

Features of OScommerce subscription and membership script

New functionalities added to OSCOMMERCE Site. This is basically a site that lists the conferences that are about to happen in the city. Users can make reservations for the conference online. The language was in french.

10 new modules were added to this oscommerce site.

1.2 days and 7 days reminder Email Module:

A cron script was integrated with the software which automatically sends remainder emails to the users who have booked for conference that are due in 2 days and 7 days.

2.Mail Settings Module:

Admin can set the email subject and messages of the reminder email and also the mails that are sent just after registration.

3.Temporary Removed Products Module:

Admin can move individual or bulk products to the temporary removed list or inactive list and can also revert back to active status.

4.Member Registration through phone Module:

Some users would like to call up the admin and register, instead of them going and registering themselves directly online. A registration via phone module was done for such users which allows the admin to register for them and the account information will be sent to the corresponding users through mail.

5.Scripts and Database Backup module:

A cron script which gets executed every day to the back up of all the scripts in the site and also the database is done.

6.Proposition Module:

A proposition form was designed and programmed where the users can enter their proposals and these proposals are made available in the admin panel to edit and delete.

7.Calendar Module:

The active conference are listed in the order of their date of occurence.The admin can also directly enter a date and browse for the conferences starting from that date.

8.Transfer to Magazine Module:

All the active conferences are made available in a specific format which allows the admin to transfer all the existing confernces in the site to adobe page maker.

9.Login Storage Module:

This module stores the username of the previous user who had logged in the system.So when someone logs in again in the same system the stored username would be shown prepopulated.

10.Weekly Email Module:

This module sends every participant , a weekly email ,every Thursday that lists all the conferences that will occur x days later during y days, where x and y can be configured in the admin panel. The above project was programmed by our oscommerce developers.

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