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Custom Oscommerce Ajax Integration and Modifications done by Oscommerce developers.

Oscommerce is custom modified and used as mobile phones sales and phone plans activation website. Also Ajax is integrated with Oscommerce.

Features of Oscommerce cellphones and mobile handsets website

This is an oscommerce ecommerce website where customers can choose tariff and get shares and handset funds based on it.
It is a four step process. Our oscommerce developers customized oscommerce extensively achieve this functionality.

Oscommerce tariff plan customizations
  1. The First oscommerce page shows a list of tariffs. Each phone tariff will have different talk time. Based on the talk time the monthly cost, number of sharers allows will vary. There are various time period for each tariff. Larger the time period greater discounts are give. When a tariff plan is clicked it will be selected and displayed in the summary section. This was done using AJAX.
  2. Next page is for choosing number of additional sharers and value added services like 3G data bundle, GPRS Data Bundles, microsoft mobile emails, text message bundles, Photo message bundles and call abroad bundles. There will be drop-downs for each services. Upon selecting the phone services the cost get added in the summary section. There will be section for sharer and additional summary. Up on selecting the additional services the details will be updated in this summary section through AJAX.

Mobile handsets sales using oscommerce
  1. The Next page will show list of handsets. The handset fund is determined by the tariff package plan chosen in the previous two steps. The number handsets allowed for the package plan will differ accordingly. Each handset will have have a quantity drop-down with maximum value equal to the maximum allows quantity for the chosen plan. When ever a handset is chosen the maximum quantities in the drop-down of the other handset will update to new allowed quantity dynamically.
  2. The next page is the osc order confirmation page which will summarize the entire plan, price, additional services chosen, number of sharers etc.,

Good Oscommerce Ajax Integration

The entire oscommerce site functions smoothly without page reloading. This was done using javascript AJAX. There is the usual administration panel where the tariff details, sharers details and other relevant details are monitored and updated. The customer orders and the customer details are monitored.

Customization of Oscommerce and Oscommerce programming

Our Oscommerce developers can customize Oscommerce and can add any kind of new functionalities to Oscommerce.

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