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Oscommerce discount module per category, Oscommerce special offer free products | Oscommerce developers

Oscommerce discount per category, Oscommerce special offer free products

New functionalities and custom modifications were done and added to OSCOMMERCE Site.

Three new modules were added to this oscommerce site .
  1. Free Product Module
    The admin can choose some products as free products.
    For example if a product called "A" is set as free product, then "y" number of the product will be given along with the
    "x" number of products ordered for the same price as that of the "x" products.
    x and y are configured when the product is added. The special offers are also displayed in the user panel.
  2. Special offer Module
    The admin can fix special offer prices to the products. Admin has the ability to activate or deactivate the offer.
  3. Discount for category oscommerce Module was completed by our oscommerce programmers.
    The admin can set discount for a particular category. For example he can set like this: A person buying product "A" would get discount of "X" dollars,if he buys a product in category "B". Project completed by our oscommerce developers.

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