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Oscommerce export developers | Php Oscommerce order export and catalog export script

Features Oscommerce order export and catalog export script

New advanced features and functionalities were added to OSCOMMERCE Site.

Four new modules were added to this dietary products oscommerce store.


Order Export Module :
  1. Data exported from oscommerce was formatted in accordance with a MOM order export module interface software.
  2. The country codes in Oscommerce were made compatible with the ones in the MOM MOM order export interface software by special import of data codes.
  3. Data received when an order is placed is cleaned of all unwanted characters like linefeed and comma (using PCRE) and truncated according to the specifications .
  4. This data is then exported as a CSV file and stored in the server. One can retrieve all the previous exported files too . One can filter the data based on a specific timeframe while export.

Catalog Request Module :
  1. Users can request for a catalog using a custom application form and these data would be stored in the oscommerce database.
  2. The data stored can then be exported by the site administrator

Dietary Groups Module:
  1. The dietary products were aggregated and included in a classification called dietary groups.
  2. Admin can manage these dietary groups and link the products to the groups.
  3. Customers can see the dietary groups , filter the products by groups and sort the records accordingly.
  4. Settings were preserved when scrolling through the product listing pages,sort order etc.

Order Status Update Module:
  1. Bulk update of orders was handled here.
  2. This module has been implemented in the admin area of foodchoices to take data from a CSV file and use it to update order status and tracking information.
  3. Production of duplicate status messages was eliminated.
  4. Oscommerce programmers completed this project.

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