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Oscommerce developers | Oscommerce product quantity depends on product attribute modification

Oscommerce product quantity depends on product attribute modification

This site is a online oscommerce shopping cart of steel products. You can choose the various items that are available and put then in your cart. Finally when you have completed purchasing you need to check out. You must be a registered user of this site to purchase anything online form their site. So you create or login to the user account. Then you can pay your bill online by entering your credit card information and the product will be delivered.

In the case of this oscommerce customization project there was a specific requirement as length to some of the products. The quantity differs based on the length of the products so the value of length is also saved from the user and they are displayed in cart contents. If they choose a length then the value of the price per unit of that item differs, it will be a special price which the admin will specify while he adds that product. The cost of the oscommerce product will be calculated by multiplying the new cost per unit price and quantiy and the length.

During check out procedure the various details such as the shipping address and the shipping charge, the cart contents and the amount are displayed. Then the user has to enter his credit card details which will be sent to the site which will validate the credit card details and a secure transaction takes place. then the control is passed on to our site where we get result of the transaction.

Modification of this oscommerce script was done to achieve the 2 objectives for our client in the new zealand. This project was completed by our oscommerce developers.

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