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Features of Oscommerce and netsuite integration


Waterzilla is a shopping site with shopping cart custom OScommerce installation. It is integrated with the merchant account (Verisign Payflow Link) and Netsuite accounting software. The breakdown for Netsuite integration is to pass a message from OScommerce to Netsuite that carried the details of the transaction


The transactions happen in real time for each order that is made.

The message carries the following information
Customer information
Order Information
Payment Information
Marketing Information

For each order the above information are queried.

After the job has been submitted, the smbXML Imports status page shows the file's position in the XML import process. A file marked as PENDING has been accepted, and put into a queue to be processed. As the file is being processed, the status will read IMPORTING. When the file's status reads FINISHED, it has been processed into your account.

Limit smbXml imports to a maximum of 25,000 records per import during non-peak hours.

Limit smbXml imports to a maximum of 10,000 records per import during peak hours.

Note: Peak hours are between 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST.

You can access the page if you login to netsuite account and go to transactions section - and click on last link on lower right hander corner for "Submit XML"

The following measures are taken :
  • ensuring security between netsuite and our hosting account by setting up a special kind of SSL keys
  • building the SMB message
  • keeping product data in synch between netsuite and oscommerce,by matching the oscom 'model number' with the 'handle'field from netsuite
  • integrating CRM/customer data or whatever exists now.
  • Project completed by our Netsuite oscommerce developers

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