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OSCommerce Special Products and Oscommerce guest checkout mod | OScommerce developers

OSCommerce Special Products and Oscommerce guest checkout


The idea is basically to add 2 new products for the shop that have certain attributes that cannot be added in the backend as they require the customer to enter information that is unique to the customer, and therefore these fields cannot be prepopulated.

Install the 'purchase without account' contribution.

Description :

Here are the essential features for the special products.

The special text fields for each of the 2 products will appear on the appropriate product detail page if the customer goes there.

These fields are obviously also added to the db for the 2 products whose value will change for each customer unlike the other product information

These special fields and their values will be visible in the admin backend when the client goes to view their orders.

The contents of the special fields (and the field names) will also need to be part of the order confirmation email, which is automatically sent to the customer.

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