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PHP Pdf Purchase Order generation Script

Features of PHP Pdf Purchase Order generation Script

About the Project:

The Project involves dynamically creating a PDF file in a letter format using the details given and sending it to the receiver's Email-Id.

Description :

The users are requested to fill up a form. The form contains three parts.
  1. The sender's information.
  2. The Receiver's information
  3. Project information

The sender's information includes the Sender's Name, Company Name, Address, Phone number and Email-ID. The receiver's information includes the Receiver's Name, Company Name, Address, Phone number, Contact Person and Email-Id. The Project information includes Project Title, Value of the project, Currency on which Payment will be made, Mode of Payment, and a detailed Description about the project.

Once the filled form is submitted a preview page in a letter format opens up. The users ( if they wish ) can save the contents of the preview page into a PDF file .

Once the PDF file is created it is send to the receiver's Email-Id.

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