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phpBB Tournament Script

Features of phpBB Tournament Script

This php mysql project involves in the creation of a special Tournament thread and Tournament admin

User module:
  • A new user can register for a tournament in the tournament phpbb thread for that tournament.
  • They can also view the details of the tournament and their registered participants.

Admin module:

Admin perform the following operation.
  • Tournament Admin panel is accessible for the tournament group members only. This panel is separate from the main admin panel.
  • Create and define tournaments types and tournaments. The details include tournament date in calender format, tournament rules,tournament description etc.,
  • Enter Basic Tournament Results.
  • Also be able to add a registered user to the list at any time in case someone played who wasn't pre-registered.
  • A clear listing of all current tournaments and their registered participants.

Phpbb Tournament module:
  • A special thread called tournament registration threads are created by choosing a tournament from the tournament list in the normal topic creation thread.This special thread can be exempted by un checking the "do you want a tournament?" check box.
  • The special thread register the new user for the tournament through a "register me" button.
  • Apart from this the Thread provides a detailed description about tournament type, tournament rules, tournament description, tournament date their participant,their host user and his gamer tag through a "View tournament details" button.
  • These thread are shown up in the "topics" page in the following format [Tournament : tournament_name ON tournament_date AT tournament_time] to differenciate it from other threads.

In addition to the above we could also create custom modifications to gaming ladder scripts or online game tournaments php scripts like kmleague etc.

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