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PostNuke Shopping Module

Features of PostNuke Shopping Module Script

This is a database management shopping module in the PostNuke website.'Paypal' and '' are two payment gateways used in this site for payment.

This is a place for individuals to market new products and gifts. This involves separate panels for superadmin, buyers and vendors.


  1. Ability to add,edit and delete his own products as well as products added by vendors.
  2. Ability to add ,edit and delete any number of categories and subcategories.
  3. Ability to set the prices for each level.
  4. Ability to add or edit or delete the tax for each state or province which will be added to the shipping charges.
  5. Ability to set Promotional Discounts.Buyers can use the promotional discount code to get discount while purchasing.
  6. Ability to view and delete the vendors and the products added by them.
  7. Ability to view and delete buyers.
  8. Ability to modify the email messages that are sent to the buyers or vendors after specific actions.
  9. Ability to send mass mail to all the registered vendors.
  10. Ability to set the products as featured.
  11. Ability to view the orders placed by buyers.
  12. Ability to control the maximum number of images that can be uploaded for each level.
  13. Ability to approve the products added by the vendors.Only after approval,the products are listed in the website.
  14. Ability to set the priority for listing.

  1. Ability to register themselves as vendors.
  2. Ability to buy space in the website to list their products.The spaces are available in 3 level(Basic,Business and Pro) with their own limitations and costs accordingly.
  3. Ability to add or edit or delete products in the level they have bought.
  4. Ability to edit their account information.
  5. Ability to view the orders placed to his products and can ship the paid orders.
  6. Ability to upgrade his products or set his product as featured.
  7. Can renew his products once the expiry date is reached.The expired products do not show up in the site.

  1. Ability to register themselves as buyers in order to view the products in the products domain.
  2. Members can purchase products and can pay online using 'Paypal' or ''.
  3. The orders will be viewed by that particular vendor and will be shipped to their shipping address.

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