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Php Large Search engine script

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This is a typical search engine and users can search for any products over here. Whenever an user clicks on a product, the bid amount is debited from the bidder and the affiliate is credited an amount.
Modifications were done on this project so that when a person from a banned country comes up and clicks the product , the the bid amount that is debited form the bidder is credited back to him and the amount that was credited to the affiliate was debited.A cron script was written for this purpose.Another cron script was written to empty some database tables.
Modifications were done so that an user whose ip is banned is restricted from accessing certain pages.Instead control was redirected to a different script stating reasons for failure.
In the admin panel , Admin was given the flexibility to approve or reject the new affiliates signing up.
Admin was given the flexibility to delete a chosen set of keywords .
The listings that were shown on the customer page were filtered based on keyword input .

Ip database was bought and the csv was imported into mysql database and tables were optimized to return fast results since there were more than 100 thousand (100000) records.

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